Procurement Of Expendable Medical Stores- Labeseicog? Oxidase Discs Pa Coliiorm Kit ( Msl 186 ) - Supra Pubic Set Complete Latex Foleys Catheter With Noble Metal Coating -2 Way 14 Fr.16 F!, 18 Fr. Latex Foley’S Catheter With Noble Metal Coating -03 Way 18 Fr.20 Fr.22Fr. Silicon Foley’S Catheter With Noble Metal Coating -2 Ees U _Vascul Tap Ired ) Haernodiaiysis Inple Lumen Catheter 12 Fr X 16 Cm Multi Diameter Ballon -Three Distinct Sizes At Three Distinct Pressure For Tracheobronchial Ballon Dilatation.Pebax Non- Compliant Material 3 Distinct Pressuresrounded Shoulders Clear Material For J, Visuahzation.Ippropnatesizeas Per Requirement, 1Fi0 Less D:Ien? Positioning Ruler On The Shaft Of The Delvery System. Single Strand Nitinol Wire Is Designed To Maintain Luminal Patency Whilst Reducing The Risk I Of Migration. Appropriate Size As Per Requirment Bc-202D-3010 Disposable Cytology Bri.Ush Compatthle With Olympus Ebus Scope One Sleep Test Make. Resmid Oscillarory Pep Therapy Devce Aerobeka ) Extemnal Venhcular Drain • L5sltr Drain Bag . Pd4 1.5% Solution ( 02 Ltr ) 1.5% 1 ( Pertoneal Diatyss • Solution With 1.5% Dextrose With 2.5 Rneqt Calbum P04 2.5% Solution ( 2 Ltr ) 2.5%. ( Pentoneal Dialysis Solulion With 2.5% Dextrose .2 5 Meql Calcium ) Disposable Neonatal Dual Heated Wire Ventelatory Breathing Respiratory Circuit With Autofiu 1.Humnedification Chamber Rt 265

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Indian Air Force



December 05, 2022

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