Procurement Of L&T Make Switchgear Spares Tenders In Karnataka

Notice inviting Karnataka tenders are published for Procurement Of L&T Make Switchgear Spares 1. Time Switch Fm/1Qt, 2. Mv 12 Over/Under Voltage Relay, 3. Power Contactors L&T Make, 4. Ml2 Spare Kit No 90544, 5. Mnx140 Power Contactor, L&T., 6. Mnx 140 Spare Kit L&T, 7. Mnx 265 Power Contactor L&T, 8. Mnx265 Spare Kit L&T, 9. Switches Main Switch L&T, 10. Fn250 Main Switch L&T Make, 11. L&T Fn Type 400A, 415V Sfu, 12. Dn0-100M Mccb L&T Make, 13. Dn0-100M Mccb L&T Make 63A, 14. Dn0-100M Mccb 80A L&T Make, 15. Dn0-100M Mccb 100A L&T Make, 16. Dn1-160M Mccb 160A L&T Make, 17. Dn2-250M Mccb 250A L&T Make, 18. Air Break Contactor., 19. L&T 110V Ac Coil For Ml2 Pcon, 20. L&T Spare Kit For Ml-4 P Contactor, 21. L&T Make Ml-6 Power Contactor, 22. L&T Spare Kit For Ml6 P Conta, 23. L&T,Mak,O/L Relay,0.60-1.0A, 24. L&T Mak,O/L Relay,0.9-1.5A, 25. L&T Mak,O/L Relay 2-3.3 A, 26. L&T Mak,O/L Relay,1.4-2.3A, 27. L&T Mak,O/Lrelay,3-5A, 28. L&T Mak,O/Lrelay,4.5-7.5A, 29. L&T Mak,O/L Relay,6-10A, 30. L&T O/L Relay,Range 9-15A, 31. L&T Mah,O/Lrelay,Range14-23A, 32. L&T Mounting Kit For Mn2 Relay, 33. L&T Relay Reset Cord 400Mm, 34. L&T Relay Reset Cord 900Mm, 35. L&Tmak,O/Lrely,Mn5,Rnge30-50A, 36. L&T,Mn5,O/L Rely,45-75A, 37. L&T,Mn12l#,Olr,Range90-150A, 38. L&T,Mn12l#,Olr,Range135-225A, 39. Switches Main Switch L&T Ma, 40. Switch Main Switch L&T Ma, 41. L&T,4 Push Buttn Pendant, 42. L&T,Pendants Wth 6 Push Butns, 43. Ml-4 Lt Contactor, 44. Mxo 40E, 110V Ac Coil, 45. Mxo 31E, 110V Ac Coil, 46. Mxo 22E, 110V Ac Coil, 47. Mxo 13E, 110V Ac Coil, 48. Mxo 04E, 110V Ac Coil, 49. L&T Mx0 4No Add-On Blocks, 50. L&T Mxo 3No+1Nc Add-On Block, 51. L&T Mxo 2No+2Nc Add-On Block, 52. L&T Mx0 Dc Aux Contr 2No+2Nc, 53. L&T Mx0 Dc Aux Contr 3No+1Nc, 54. Mc61anx O/C + Ef Relay,.

The estimated Tender Amount is not available please refer to the tender document for detail.

the due date for bid submission is 17-05-2021

For more information, you can visit TDR: 27711684tender 247

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