Supply Of Food Items Tenders In Karnataka

Many supply of food items Tenders in Karnataka One of these Tenders is invited by Department Of Women And Child Development  for Supply Of Food Items To Bbm And Oh In Chitradurga For 2021-22 1. Rice (Purchase In Case Of Non Supply Of Pds Rice), 2. Wheat (Purchase In Case Of Non Supply Of Pds Wheat), 3. Betean Rice Medium, 4. Bansi Rava (Sooji), 5. Ragi (Cleaned Good Quality), 6. White Jawar (Cleaned Good Quality), 7. Toor Dhal (Cleaned Good Quality) Faq, 8. Greem Gram Dal (Cleaned Good Quality) Faq, 9. Bengal Gram Dhal (Cleaned Good Quality) Faq, 10. Black Gram Dhal (Cleaned Good Quality) Faq, 11. Bengal Gram (Cleaned Good Quality) Faq, 12. Alasandi Gram (Cleaned Good Quality) Faq, 13. Greem Gram (Cleaned Good Quality) Faq, 14. Madike Hesaru Kalu (Cleaned Good Quality) Faq, 15. Peas (Cleaned Good Quality) Faq, 16. Ground Nut Seeds (Cleaned Good Quality) Faq, 17. Jaggary (Good Quality), 18. Sugar (Good Quality), 19. Tea Powder Red Lable, 20. Coffee Powder Green Lable, 21. Cummin Seed (Good Quality), 22. Coriander Seed (Good Quality), 23. Dry Chills (Red Guntur) (Good Quality), 24. Cooking Turmaric Powder (Good Quality), 25. Mustered Seeds (Good Quality), 26. Pepper Seed (Good Quality), 27. Asafetida (Ingu) (Good Quality), 28. Cinemon (Good Quality), 29. Cloves (Good Quality), 30. Cardomom (Good Quality), 31. Methi (Good Quality), 32. Puliyogare Powder (Good Quality), 33. Double Fertifide Powder Salt, 34. Double Fertifide Crystal Salt, 35. Tamarind (Good Quality), 36. Bread (Good Quality) 1 Pound, 37. Coconut Dry (Good Quality), 38. Coconut (Good Quality & Size), 39. Shampoo (Sun Silk ) 6 Ml, 40. (Lemon Pickle), 41. (Grass Broom), 42. (Coconut Broom), 43. Match Box, 44. Exo Dish Wash Soap 250 Grams, 45. Phenoyl (Black Belt), 46. Acid, 47. Washing Soda, 48. Tide Powder, 49. Ready Chicken Skin Less, 50. Egg, 51. Sanitary Napkins, 52. Masquito Repellent Liquid (Good Night), 53. Dettol Handwash 1000 Ml, 54. Sanitizer 1000 Ml, 55. Mask (Good Quality Cotton), 56. Everedy Wall Clock Shell, 57. Hit Cockroach Killer 250 Ml, 58. Lakshman Rekha, 59. Bleeching Powder, 60. Soda Powder, 61. Medicare Shampoo 6 Ml, 62. Idli Rava (Good Quality), 63. Harpic Toilet Cleaning Liquid 1000Ml, 64. Steel Dish Wash Scrubber,On government tender publish date 17-05-2021

The last date of submission of this tender is 02-06-2021

The estimated Tender Value is not available please refer to the tender document for detail.

More details are available on TDR:27918073

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